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GenExGxP is the leading software for qPCR data analysis in regulated laboratories. GenExGxP is specifically designed to meet the rigorous requirements of regulated laboratories. It provides robust data analysis capabilities that meet the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

With GenExGxP, you can generate standard curves and assess the dynamic range, PCR efficiency, limit of detection, limit of quantification and precision, and use it to estimate concentrations of test samples. Confidence intervals are provided for all parameters estimated.

You can reduce inter-run variation, normalize to endogenous or exogenous controls, and correct for genomic DNA background when analyzing RNA targets.

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GenExGxP supports relevant regulatory standards and is based on CLSI and MIQE guidelines to ensure the security, integrity, and authenticity of your qPCR data.


With its user-friendly interface and simple workflows, GenExGxP is easy to navigate. This minimizes the risk of human error.


GenExGxP has powerful data reporting and documentation capabilities, including customizable reports and charts, and the ability to export data to other software applications , such as LIMS, for further analysis.

At MultiD, we are committed to provide you with the best possible software for qPCR data analysis in regulated workflows.


GenExGxP is backed by comprehensive technical support, including access to software upgrades, user guides, and training materials, so you can use GenExGxP effectively and efficiently.

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GenExGxP is validated for quick integration into GLP workflow.

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Our app has a wide variety of features that you can use on a daily basis. Easy navigation makes it accessible to people from all walks of life.

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